Our Mission


In order that we may wisely preserve the heritage transmitted to us through Christ Jesus, we endeavor to assist God’s people to come into the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and facilitate the development and growth of the faithful Christian.

Through the teachings of God's Holy Word and the example of Christ, we help cultivate and maintain the characteristics of God by applying these values and it’s foundation into our daily walk with the Lord. 

With a close relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we seek to Glorify God by striving to ensure that the church is restored as the faithul bride preparing and waiting the return of her husband.  We work toward assisting all Christians in discovering their true destiny; identity and heritage in Christ so that they will rise up and as the collective body of Christ extend the Kingdom of God locally, nationally and internationally.

Through evangelism, edification and proclamation of Christ we are committed to helping others transform their lives.  We are compassionate in our love, holy in our living, committed to worship and faithful in our praise.