Our Ministries

The Pastor's Aid

This ministry’s prime responsibility is to support the Pastor financially, emotionally and spiritually.  The Pastor’s Aid, shows love, support, encouragement, strength and service to the pastor and his/her family.   It also serves as a liaison for the pastor with regards to the sick, shut-in, hospitalized and other areas.  Remaining at the call of the Pastor when ever needed; The Pastor's Aid Committee prayerfully works to maintain unity and harmony between the pastor, the church body, and the community.

The Missionary Board

The Missionary Board helps others to develop their own personal relationship with God as they come to know Him through His unconditional love manifested through Jesus Christ.   The missionary is committed to carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lives of people in the church, community, and the world. 

The Missionary Board also leads the “Reach Out ministry”, which consists of (but not limited to) food, clothing and toy drives, visits with expressions of love (sick fund donations) to the sick and shut-in, volunteering at nursing homes and social service organizations.  In addition to hosting services dedicated to reviving, refreshing and uplifting the soul, while hoping to strengthen ones walk with Christ. To read more about The Missionary Board,

The Women's Auxiliary Board 

The Women's Auxiliary board provides a means of support, positive association and strength (both emotionally and spiritually) to the women of Victory.  The Women's Auxiliary Board, acts as a support system for the women of Victory, sponsors services/ meetings that address the challenges Christian women may be experiencing.

The Women’s Auxiliary also leads the Hospitality committee (which is not limited to women).  This committee prepares expressions of thanks (gift baskets, thank you cards, etc.) to incoming speakers/preachers, responsible for receiving and sending out special occasions cards (bereavement, Christening, Anniversary, etc) at the Pastor’s requests, as well as the upkeep of the beautification of the church (flowers on the pulpit, cleaning the curtains, etc.)  To see more about The Women's Auxiliary Board,

Men’s Fellowship

Our Men's Ministry is responsible for building character, promoting maturity, advocating accountability and fostering fellowship among the brethren through Biblical principles and practical Godly teachings, through the incorporation of fellowship opportunities and men’s services.

The Men’s Fellowship is also responsible for the church’s maintenance (including grounds), securing the church (opening and closing the church) before and after functions at the church. 

The Deacons and the Trustee Board

Deacons, as church officers, glorify the Lord and serve His church, by modeling the application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the daily activities of life, as husbands, fathers and brothers in Christ.  Called to be the “overseers” of the temporal needs of the church, deacons perform various tasks and participate in ministries designed to care for and unify the people of God.   They also care for the facilities of the church for the purpose of freeing the pastoral staff to focus on prayer, the ministry of the Word of God and the spreading of the gospel. 

The Trustee works hand in hand with the Deacons of the church.  Through their collaboration on the Finance Committee, the Deacon and Trustees  manage the material possessions and oversees the financial matters of the church according to God’s design for handling the resources He provides for His church.  This committee invests church funds and manage bank accounts; deposit tithes and offerings and other funds contributed and/or donated to the Church for specific purpose.

The Usher's Board

Those who serve on the Usher Board will help to make each attendee have an experience that uplifts and inspires.  The usher performs a major role in ensuring that people see and experience God’s unconditional love.  The ministry of ushering is one of the most crucial because it is one of the most visible in the church.

Ushers greet worshippers making ever attempt to help them feel welcome and at ease; Escort members and guests to their seats; distribute materials related to the service/meeting such as bulletins, hymnals handouts, etc.; receive certain offerings, delivering them promptly to the treasury department of the church; maintain alertness for any emergency that may arise, relieving the need or contacting the person(s) needed to provide the proper assistance; direct individuals out of the service/meeting in an orderly fashion, leaving the area read for the next service or meeting.

The Nurse's Board

The Nurse's Board provides a caring presence, a listening ear and spiritual support to the congregation.  The nurse attends to the needs of the Ministerial Staff, by assisting the staff in various capacities during regular and special services. The nurses also help to provide assistance to the ministerial staff during prayer and the moving of the Spirit.

The Sunday School Department

The Sunday School Department’s goal is for all to gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word and how it pertains to our life. Along with Bible Study, Sunday school is one of the essentials in the disciple-making strategy of the Church. Sunday School is effective in teaching biblical principles and godly living to people at every age and stage of life.   Through Sunday School, students engage in regular, systematic, organized Bible Study.  Classes are designed to meet the spiritual needs of all ages, promote principles that will help students grow and become effective witnesses for Christ and the advancement of the kingdom of God. 

United Young People Holy Union (UYPHU)

Working with children, teenagers and young adults, this youth group understands the future of the church depends on effective ministry to children today.  The Youth Group works to reach these young children and to teach them about Christ.  It is our goal to encourage, educate and equip these children with the fundamentals/foundations of Christ as they face the realities around them.  Some of our tools include but are not limited to: Bible Study, Sunday School, Joy Night, Monthly Christ centered activities and field trips.  To see more